Shifting New Earth Episode 4

Ami falls for Leon, despite her mission. A murderer comes out of the shadows.

Shifting New Earth Episode 3

A half werewolf, half human child goes missing. Ami is captured.

Shifting New Earth Episode 2

Tanya finds herself alone with Mason, and finds her attraction to him harder to deny.

Shifting New Earth Episode 1

Tanya must fight her attraction to the shifter if she is to survive among the wolves.

Stealing the Alien Bride

To escape her marriage to the evil alien, she must allow his love to heal her.

Conquered by the Alien Alpha

Will Zola submit to the dominant alien alpha?

Captured by the Commander

Although he is her sworn enemy, she cannot deny her attraction.

Kept by the Alien King

Theresa feels there’s something strangely familiar about this alien king…

Seeding New Earth Collection 1

Books 1-3 in the Seeding New Earth Series.

Mastering Sinful Mae

He’s exactly the kind of bad boy she’s always dreamed of being with.

Dominating Untouched Skye

The attraction between them is immediate and possessive.

Kings Need Heirs Collection

A BDSM fantasy pregnancy collection. Contains books 1-5.