About C. M. Roberts

The Author

C. M. Roberts is a thirty-something lady who likes to kiss and and show and tell. If you put on your blindfold, she might be kind enough to lead you to her lair.

About Tales From Sexton:

Tales From Sexton is a contemporary erotic short story series written by erotica author C. M. Roberts. Within Tales from Sexton are three or four part stories that follow a particular character and his or her (sexy!) adventures within the city of Sexton, U.S.A. You don’t have to read any particular character’s stories in any order, although a recommended reading order list is here.

Tales From Sexton is unlike other erotica stories in that there is a bigger, overarching plot that spans every character’s storyline. Everyone in the town is connected in unsuspecting ways and actions taken by someone in one story may affect someone else’s life in another story.

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