Erotic Tales by C. M. Roberts

Banged by the Tutor

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Word Count: ~4,000 words

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Roslyn is not one to be dominated–she’s got a wit sharper than a tack. But then she arrives at Craig’s house for a tutoring session and things get heated, and she can’t help but obey him. Has Roslyn finally met her match?

This is a short erotic story about a girl who is failing her university physics class, and the tutor eager to awaken her sexual side. It is ~5,000 words long and contains first time sex, rough sex, spanking, and some domination and submission themes.


I brace my arms on the table and bend over, but imagine my surprise when a sudden, sharp pain assaults my ass. He had spanked me!

“Not slow enough, slut.” He pulls me back up to a standing position, and runs his hands over my belly, my breasts, and finds my rock hard nipples escaping my bra. He grabs hold and squeezes so hard I scream. A mix of pain and pleasure sears through my body. Pleasure? Why would I feel pleasure from pain? I back into him, feeling his arousal through his jeans.

“So uptight. So worried about your future. Grades are just numbers. It’s hard to go anywhere if you don’t learn how to relax every so often.”

“Spanking is…oh god…relaxing?” He spanks me right in the middle of my sentence and the intensity of it almost sends me reeling over the edge.

I hear the amusement in his voice. “You seem to be enjoying it.”

Banged By The Tutor

Buy for $2.99 here:

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