Erotic Tales by C. M. Roberts

Billionaire Heir

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Word count: 8,000

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Fertile Dahlia Simmons has just found her calling in life. Handsome, commanding billionaire Henry Manson runs an unconventional business with high profile clientele, and wants naive Dahlia in on the action. Problem?

Dahlia’s contract forbids her from being with Henry.

Even though Dahlia’s been promised to another man, the billionaire wants a child, and he will take fertile, submissive Dahlia for his own.


“Hello, Mr. Landen,” I say, shaking his hand and inviting him inside. Mrs. Kipling instructed me to address the client formally until he instructs me otherwise.

“Hello.” He appears a little nervous—maybe just as nervous as me.

Remembering Mrs. Kipling’s advice about making the clients feel comfortable, I approach him warmly and gesture to the couch near the bed. “Sit down with me, make yourself comfortable.”

“Oh. All right.”

Asking about their jobs is a no-no, but I feel that some conversation is prudent. Some girls apparently make their clients visit them a few times before they are bred. The feeling of desire between my legs won’t let me last that long. Ever since Henry introduced me to this world, all I’ve been able to think about is getting fucked and bred. I want my virginity to be taken, and soon.

I sit next to him on the sofa. Our knees are touching, and his touch is extremely welcomed by my body. Even though I want his cock inside me now, I’m still nervous about my first time. What if it hurts too much? What if I’m not able to be bred?

“You look tense,” I say, to distract myself. “Maybe you would like a massage?”

“Actually I was going to ask if you’d like a massage. I have been told that you’ve never been bred before.”

“Yes.” Butterflies flutter inside me. “But I’m excited to please you. To be bred.”

“The woman outside said you’re a virgin.” His hand caresses my bare thigh. Goose bumps appear on my arms and legs and my pussy aches for attention.

“Yes,” I say quietly. “Does that…bother you?”

“On the contrary.” He grows bolder and his fingers find the wetness between my legs. “It’s incredibly hot. I can’t wait to breed you.”

Billionaire Heir

Buy for $2.99 here:


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