Erotic Tales by C. M. Roberts

Captured by the Commander

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Word count: 13,600

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Princess Lilianna Taggart has been tasked with an important mission: infiltrate the enemy camp, headed by the mysterious, dominating Prince-Commander Limban Ru. Unfortunately things don’t go as planned. Although Limban is her sworn enemy, she cannot deny the blinding, passionate attraction between them.

Limban is eager to make Lilianna his, and bear an heir. Yet Liliana is unlike any other woman he’s seduced. No cost is too high to have her: he is drawn to the princess by fate.

Caught between a violent war and two opposing sides, Prince-Commander Limban will possess Lilianna to ensure he has an heir—and a future.


He bears down his large, possessive lips on mine, capturing me fully. It is such a shock, I recoil, only then remembering I’m tethered to the stake, trapped between the tall pillar of wood and this tall, dark stranger with wood of his own pressing unapologetically into my thigh.

Never have I felt so powerless. Afraid.


I return his kiss. His lips are soft and his large hands cup my face, bringing me close to him. His hard chest presses against my breasts, and my dress restrains me more than the rope binding my wrists. Between my legs, a new need awakens, one that wishes his cock were closer so that he can completely own me. His teeth nibble on my bottom lip and a small yelp escapes me as my eyes roll closed.

I am parched for him. The air could not be drier, and I need to drink him in.

Why do I feel this burning need within me? This urgent, incessant, sudden desire to be possessed by him, to feel him move inside me?

His thumb rests just below my chin. “Do you know of jumbai-ya?”

“No.” I am breathless from the kiss. “What is it?”

Leaning closer to my cheek, he inhales deeply as he brushes his lips against my eyelids. “I think you know.”

My heart pounds heavily against my ribcage as our bodies press together. Shivers run up from chest up to my neck as his lips suckle my earlobes and inch down my neck. One massive hand pins me against the stake where I am already bound and snakes down the front of my torn dress.

“Oh…” The prince is bold in his venture yet when his large fingers grip my breast, a rush of heat flows through me. His tongue traces the curve of my neck, and the prince sinks in his teeth like a savage beast.

“Oh!” A spasm sends a powerful jolt through me, but I can barely move beneath him. He growls in approval, and in one swift move, he tears the front of my dress wide open, freeing my soft, untouched breasts.

“Prince Limban!” I cry.

“Are you scandalized, my lady?” he asks.

My chest heaves as it flushes a deep red. My bottom presses against the stake: I have unconsciously arched my back, bearing my breasts to him, so that he may grip me better.

“What is it you’re doing to me?” I demand breathlessly.

His mouth surrounds my left pert nipple and he bites down, hard. Another cry escapes me as I pull at my restraints. As I struggle, the nipple falls from his hungry mouth.

“Are you a prince or a brute, my lord?”

Once more he presses his face near mine, studying me intensely. “Why can’t I be both, my lady?”

“Normally a prince does not tear dresses and…and…do such things with their mouths”—I struggle to remain in control of my feelings, but I fear I will burst and surrender to his touch as he presses against me once more—“without knowing my name!” Not that I know much about princely decorum in the first place.

Limban appears amused. “Has the lady ever been in the company of a prince such as I?”


“Never?” His hand moves more gently now over my exposed breast, reddened with his lust.


“You have never been curious about the pleasures of the flesh?”

“I…well…” My face heats uncontrollably. “I am an unmarried lady of good standing.”

“That means nothing out here.”

“That is true.” And truer still for me, the daughter of an exiled king, I will concede. But Prince Limban doesn’t have to know that.

Captured by the Commander

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