Other Erotic Stories

Come In Jack Frost

Will Kyle submit to a steamy night with this paranormal god of winter?

Unexplored Territory

The men are eager to show Lendir how it’s done.

Submit to the Billionaire

It’s his first day. And his first time with a man. Will Stefan submit?

Head Punishment

Can Melanie handle these two willing, muscular men?

Billionaire Heir

Will Dahlia realize her full potential as a breeder at the Cox Facility?

Teacher Must Have Summer…Again

Will she submit to her former teacher again?

Teacher Must Have Summer

Will Summer have the courage to receive a sexual education from her former teacher?

Second Chance Sex

Will Danielle she have the courage to explore her deepest fantasies?

Banged by the Tutor

A first time spanking story. Has Roslyn finally met her match?

Public Punishment

Can Melanie serve her professor—even if she has to do something nasty in public?