Erotic Tales by C. M. Roberts

Conquered by the Alien Alpha

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Word count: 16,600

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When Zola Samatar stumbles upon mysterious, sexy Andrew Collins in the woods of the alien planet, she knows there’s something not completely human about the brazen Brit. Yet that only makes it harder for Zola to ignore their immediate, frenzied attraction.

Andrew’s secret werewolf shifting means he can never belong with the rest of the human survivors on New Earth. Because the humans fear the wolves, Zola and Andrew must keep their steamy, passionate relationship in the dark.

When danger threatens both humans and wolves, Zola must choose between safety with her people, or her heart’s desire: submission to the dominant alien alpha male.


Andrew leans his face towards mine. The shadows almost overcome his face, but his eyes gleam a brilliant green.

“Ask,” he commands in a low, soft voice.

My heart pounds against my rib cage. It seems he is unwilling to release me.

Maybe I don’t want to be released.

“Are you human?” I ask.

He blinks his shining eyes. “No. Yes. Most of the time. It’s…complicated.”

“Did you crash here with the others, on the Demeter?”

“Yes,” he replies slowly.

“Why would you say you’re human…some of the time?”

“I’m as much a native to this planet as you are. But something happened to us. An experiment—”

A low growl from off in the distance interrupts Andrew. My fingernails dig into his skin. Andrew might be dangerous, but unknown dangers in the dark are not the lesser of two evils. I’d rather take my chances with the half-naked man than the bloodthirsty creatures of the alien planet.

“No,” he mutters, glancing into the dark bushes. “Not now.”

“The wolves,” I whisper. “We should go.”

“You should. But first, something to remember me by.”

Andrew’s lips come down on mine hard. I struggle to breathe as my hands clasp his face. Need him. Need this. His face is rough and untamed against my smooth dark skin. The smell of the forest surrounds him but his natural, manly musk reminds me of my own primal needs. The need to mate. The feel of trusting someone enough to allow them inside you, to share in a moment of pure, unbridled passion.

Conquered by the Alien Alpha

Buy for $2.99 here:

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