Erotic Tales by C. M. Roberts

Kept by the Alien King

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Word count: 13,000

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“Our attraction is primal.”

Theresa Daniels wakes up on a strange planet in the embrace of a handsome alien known only as Koless—a king, and the last of his kind. He wants fertile Theresa to submit to him, for her to bear his heir. At first, she’s wary of him. But there’s something oddly familiar about this alien king. How could she know an alien on a planet across the galaxy? Theresa must choose: brave the strange new world alone, or trust her heart and surrender to the domineering alien king.


“I’m the only of my kind,” he says, fixing me with an intense stare, and offers no other explanation.

I frown. I’m eager to know more about him but I’d rather he not sense my curiosity. “And how long have you been here, by yourself?”

“A long time,” he says quietly. The pained look in his eyes says: too long.

I take a chance. “You’re not human, are you.”

Another small nod. A flicker of appreciation in his gaze, clouded with more pain—but he holds my gaze. “No.”

“You look human,” I say boldly, looking him up and down. My gaze lingers on his groin. If my sexual experience earlier wasn’t a dream—and by this point, I’m about a hundred percent sure it wasn’t—then whatever species he is, we seem sexually compatible. A hot flash rushes over my front.

He turns his entire gorgeous body towards me, eying me with interest. “It wasn’t.”

“It wasn’t what?”

“A dream.”

I clutch my silks and hastily cover my breasts. My nipples are poking through, loudly announcing my arousal. “I…I don’t…but how did you…?”

“I can sense your thoughts,” he says, more gently now. Suddenly he’s standing very close to me. I don’t remember his approach; he is barely a kiss away. The scent of strong aftershave, the sea, and fresh mint surround him. “Your body…it called out to me. I tried to resist. But it told me what you wanted. And I…”

“It told you…?”

Jason. My inability to get pregnant. His infidelity.

Something snaps inside me, and I recoil from the strange alien.


He knows my name too? I hold his gaze. An apology is in it, and yet, buried beneath it, is a look foreign to me. Strength. Passion. A lust for me and my body that Jason never showed.
“If you know everything about me,” I say, unable to hide the bitterness from my voice, “then it’s only fair that I know you. Without being half asleep.”

His eyebrows quirk together. “That sounds…fair.”

“Your name, then.”

The alien humanoid breathes in deeply through his nose and closes his eyes, as if it’s been a while since anyone had asked. “Koless.”

“Koless.” An unexpected rush of familiarity raises the hair on my arms. “That’s it?”

His shoulders raise and dip again in a very human shrug. “When you’re alone, one name is all you need.”

I muse on this as he saunters to the threshold of the room. “What else should I know about you, Koless?”

“I suppose there is one thing,” he says. His fingers wrap around the stone as a smile takes his lips. “I’m extremely virile.”

He leaves me with a pounding heart and a throbbing ache between my legs. He’s an alien, I tell myself. You’ve just woken up on a strange planet. You may or may not be his prisoner here in this cave.

And yet, if he is able to possess me, and give me the child I so desire…

Kept by the Alien King

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