Erotic Tales by C. M. Roberts

Melanie Silver Bundle #1

Word Count: ~49,000 words

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Melanie Silver has it all–or at least, she thought she did. Being from a wealthy family certainly has its perks. But when she meets Professor Don Everett everything changes. Their undeniable attraction begins as blind, forbidden passion…before blossoming into something more. Everett is determined to be Melanie’s first, but not until he’s primed her, readied her for his world of pleasure and pain.

When dire and bizarre circumstances threaten to keep them apart, will Melanie risk everything–her family, her friends, and her future–just to submit to Everett, even if it’s just for one night?

This bundle includes books one to three of the Melanie Silver Series, which follows Melanie Silver and her erotic romance with Professor Don Everett. The bonus story, Public Punishment, is set between books three & four of Melanie Silver’s story arc and is also included!

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