Erotic Tales by C. M. Roberts

New Earth Eve

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Word count: 7,500

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Innocent Eva Shepard wakes up stranded and alone on an alien planet in a galaxy far from home. But who should wander into her camp, but the sexy, imposing Lieutenant Commander Samson Reed.

Little do they know, they are not alone. Even though a powerful force lurks in the shadows and threatens their safety, Samson will take fertile, obedient Eva to ensure humanity’s future!


I take a daring step forward; my gaze does not waver from his. “How do I know what your intentions are towards me?”

Now he’s grinning, circling me like prey. “I thought it would be easy to guess my intentions, Eva. You are, after all, a very attractive woman.”

And you are irresistible.

He approaches me slowly from behind as my heart pounds rapidly against my chest. “And you saved my life. I was really lucky to have found you.”

A chilly wind picks up and blows fallen leaves around us. I shiver, craving the warmth and safety of another human body. “I…we should keep going. The first trap is—”
Before I can finish the thought, Samson brings his hand down hard on my ass.

Surprised, and startled, I whirl on him. Even though the tight fabric of my pants, my ass stings from the blow. I stare at him with a mixture of frustration…and fascination.
What was that for?

And…why did it feel so right?

“Why did you do that?” I ask in a voice barely louder than a whisper.

“I…” He sets his lips in a firm, hard line, and seems to change his mind about something. “Never mind. I shouldn’t…I shouldn’t have touched you. You’re right, we should keep checking traps.”

He turns and trudges through the undergrowth.

“Wait!” I call after him.

Samson halts in his tracks and raises his head.

I take one small, hesitant step towards him. “Look at me, Samson.”

Raising a curious eyebrow, he does as I request.

“All I know is…I see you, and I want you.”

The guilty confession of my undeniable attraction lights a fire in Samson’s eyes. His gaze sweeps possessively over me.

“Do as I say,” he says, “and I will show you a pleasure you have never known.”

New Earth Eve

Buy for $2.99 here:

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