Submit to the Billionaire

It’s his first day. And his first time with a man. Will Stefan submit?

Head Punishment

Can Melanie handle these two willing, muscular men?

Teacher Must Have Summer Collection

Teacher Must Have Summer erotic stories.

The Slave’s Bind

Will they break down their barriers and learn to trust one another?

Billionaire Heir

Will Dahlia realize her full potential as a breeder at the Cox Facility?

Teacher Must Have Summer…Again

Will she submit to her former teacher again?

Hayden Parker Complete

This collection includes the two books in Hayden Parker‘s series.

Dangerous Rendezvous

What will Hayden choose: his promising career, or Nancy, the woman he loves?

Sex With My Teacher Bundle

These three erotic short stories celebrate sex with teachers with a BDSM twist.

Teacher Must Have Summer

Will Summer have the courage to receive a sexual education from her former teacher?

Dangerous Entanglements

Will Hayden betray the woman of his heart for his first love?