Erotic Tales by C. M. Roberts

Shifting New Earth Episode 1

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Length: 20,000 words – 71 pages.

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This is a spin-off serial from Seeding New Earth. You do not have to have read Seeding New Earth to follow this story.

Tanya wakes up in the future, on an alien planet.
Her fiance is a werewolf, alpha male of the pack.
The handsome beta won’t leave her alone.
Something is picking off the wolves, one by one.
And there’s a mysterious tattoo on the back of her neck…

As Tanya denies her new-found attraction to the dominating alpha wolves, she must unravel the mystery of NEW EARTH before she becomes the Shadow Man’s next victim.


“Don’t tell me you aren’t nervous,” I say.

He shakes his head at first, until I give him a withering stare. “All right, okay. So I’m a little worried. I thought a little sexy time would distract us both,” he says earnestly, kissing me on the side of the head. “I…” He takes my hand. “I don’t want anything to happen to you. This, moving to another planet…”

“I said before—”

“I’m not having second thoughts. I made a promise. I’m coming with you, no matter what. I just have…jitters.”

“Yeah?” I push him back on the bed and straddle his sexy body. My diamond ring glitters in the strip of moonlight reaching from the window. “You’d better not be having any other kind of jitters.”

Grinning mischievously, his large arm snakes around my waist as he flips me over, pinning me to the bed. Before I can retaliate, he grips my left wrist, and brings my ring finger to his lips.


My wrists pinned, both of us knowing that there is no escape and loving it, he plunges his thick cock inside me. I tense briefly, relishing the moment of being filled, as my hips rise to meet his aggressive thrusts. His lovemaking is passionate as we seek to release the anxiety in both of us. Unable to shake his grip, I take pleasure in his touch: his lips on my face, my heaving breasts, dark and plump against his starkly white face. His other hand grabs one as he pistons in and out of me, and brings the nipple to his eager lips to suckle. Moaning, my vaginal muscles tighten around him.

“Oh Tanya. Tanya…”

Caught in the moment of passion, he releases my wrists and grabs my hips, tilting them upwards as he rises to his knees. He withdraws and then slides inside me several times as he verges on the precipice of his pleasure. His aggressive stance over me, pleasuring me with his unprotected cock, sends me over the edge. The orgasm spreads over me and Wyatt takes advantage, taking me hard, and finally letting go, spreading his seed deep inside me as man and woman are wont to do in moments of unbridled passion.

Shifting New Earth Episode 1

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