Erotic Tales by C. M. Roberts

Submit to the Billionaire

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Word count: 5,500

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It’s his first day. And his first time with a man…

When part-time model Stefan Rogers catches billionaire Misha Desmond’s eye in the elevator on his first day at the new job, Stefan is eager to impress his sexy new boss. He can’t afford to mess up this job–he has one shot. Fortunately, Misha is into Stefan’s perfect, sculpted body and wants to see all of it in his office, immediately.

But this is Stefan’s first time with a man, Misha expects to be obeyed. Will Stefan listen to his body and submit to this sexy billionaire?


He comes so close to me, I can feel the heat of him on my bare skin. And when he presses his large hand over my hard chest, my cock stirs.

“Do you like me, Stefan?”

His tone brooks no bullshitting. “Yes, sir.”

“That’s good. Very good. Because I like you too. Being direct and honest is important to me.”

Misha’s praise feels like a reward, and a grin breaks out on my face. It’s soon replaced by worry. “I…there’s something I should…”
“If there is something you wish to tell me, you must first ask my permission.” He doesn’t say this unkindly, but the command is firm.

“May I say something…sir?”

Misha leans against the desk, and takes a moment to consider my request. “You may.”

“I’ve…um…never been with a man before, sir.”

I avoid his gaze. I feel so awkward admitting this. He’s so powerful, so rich. He’s probably had dozens of boyfriends. Maybe even girlfriends, who knows? And who am I? Just some wannabe model who happened to catch his eye in the elevator. Eye candy.

“But…uh…that doesn’t mean I’m not into men. Sir.”

Misha doesn’t say anything for a little while. The expression of stone and smug interest on his face doesn’t change.

Finally, he says one word: “Two.”

My gaze snaps up. “Sorry, sir?”

“Two. You stammered twice. Um and uh are not the words of a gentleman. A gentleman knows what he wants. He is clear and direct. He does not use filler words.” He launches from the desk and kneels beside me. A finger appears under my chin and lifts it up to meet his gaze. “You have the makings of a fine gentleman, Stefan. I can teach you. Mold you. Give you everything you desire. But to do that, I must have your word. Your permission. Your complete….submission…to me.”

My heart is racing. Even though only the tip of his finger is touching me, it feels like my entire body is on fire. Damn this man. Complete submission?
“What would you have me do…sir?”

His eyes twinkle with mischief and arousal. “You will do exactly what I say. You will pleasure me when I demand it. And in return…I will help you succeed in the world.”

Submit to the Billionaire

Buy for $2.99 here:

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