Tags: first time

Captured by the Commander

Although he is her sworn enemy, she cannot deny her attraction.

Mastering Sinful Mae

He’s exactly the kind of bad boy she’s always dreamed of being with.

Dominating Untouched Skye

The attraction between them is immediate and possessive.

Ravished by the Rogue

He’s there to steal Sophia’s innocence…and her heart.

Melanie Silver Complete Collection

All books in the Melanie Silver Series.

Mistress to the Tyrant

Surrender to the king…and experience true passion.

Come In Jack Frost

Will Kyle submit to a steamy night with this paranormal god of winter?

Seduced by the Sailor

Layla will surrender her inexperienced, fertile body to the much older sea captain.

Unexplored Territory

The men are eager to show Lendir how it’s done.

An Heir for the King

Fertile Lady Olivia will be taken hard by the Exile King.

Submit to the Billionaire

It’s his first day. And his first time with a man. Will Stefan submit?

Teacher Must Have Summer Collection

Teacher Must Have Summer erotic stories.