Tales From Sexton

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Tales From Sexton is a contemporary erotic story series written by erotica author C. M. Roberts. Within Tales from Sexton are three- or four-part stories that follow a particular character and his or her (sexy!) adventures within the city of Sexton. You don’t have to read any particular character’s stories in any order, although a recommended reading order list is here.

Tales From Sexton is unlike other erotica stories in that there is a bigger, overarching plot that spans every character’s storyline. Everyone in the town is connected in unsuspecting ways and actions taken by someone in one story may affect someone else’s life in another story.


Melanie Silver Series

Melanie Silver is close to finishing her third year at the Sexton University. But school is far from finished with her. After her friend drags her to a lecture by the alluringly handsome Professor Don Everett, she is immediately attracted to the professor. And the professor is determined to have his way with Melanie.

As he introduces her to the world of dominance and submission, Melanie discovers hidden delights in being the professor’s slave. But family and an old lover threaten to throw a wrench in Melanie’s new sex life…

Hayden Parker Series


Hayden is tasked with a dangerous assignment. Will he betray the woman of his heart for his first love?

To get the most enjoyment from Tales From Sexton, this series is meant to be read after The Professor’s Mistress (Melanie Silver #4) as the plot runs parallel to that story. However, it is not mandatory to do so, as the firsts of all series are designed to be read in any order.

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