Erotic Tales by C. M. Roberts

The Slave’s Affair

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Word Count: ~15,000 words

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Melanie Silver is living a double life. By day, she’s the new fiance of her good friend Hayden, who has promised to marry her to secure her inheritance. By night, she is a willing submissive to Professor Everett…who she wishes would not only claim her body, but her heart as well.

But balancing both men is tricky, and Melanie is dangerously close to spilling her heart to one or the other–which could cost her her future. She wants to be true to her heart, but to which man does her heart really belong?


I’m lathering myself with my coconut butter soap when the bathroom door opens. I tense. Hayden. My first thought: I hope he hasn’t come to use the bathroom, because our relationship is not at that level yet. Then again, I did let him fuck me in the ass last night, so maybe he thinks otherwise.

I slide the shower curtain shut quickly, but Hayden’s hand swoops in at the last moment as he climbs in the tub. He’s hiding something behind his back. There’s one thing he can’t hide, though: his cock is at full mast, and he’s naked.

“I’ve always wanted to fuck you in the shower,” he says, cupping some of the water and running it through his dark hair. He wets his lips and drinks me in with his lustful gaze. “Also, with this.”

He reveals what he’s hiding. It’s a seven-inch-long dildo. At first I wonder where he got it, but then I remember. It’s mine. I’d actually forgotten I had it. My sister Michelle gave it to me on my birthday once as a gag gift, and I’ve barely used it.

“Found it in your drawer,” Hayden says. “If you won’t have me in your pussy, maybe we can start off with this.”

I lean absently against the wall. And before I can protest, he pinches my nipple and shoves the dildo hard up into my slick, tight cunt. There is little resistance as Everett had had me riled up, and the fact that Hayden has come into the bathroom and taken charge of me is a complete turn on. My eyes roll back into my head and an involuntary sigh escapes me as Hayden fucks me hard with the dildo. Half my body is showered with heat from the cascading water and the other half is getting cold, and the shivers combined only enhance my arousal.

Grasping, fumbling blindly, I grasp his erect shaft and work it as hard as he’s fucking me.

“You like rough, Mel?” he demands.

“I…yes.” I cannot lie.

He squeezes my right breast and bites the hard, erect nipple. I cry out as the pain ripples across my chest and tingles in my nether region, only deepening my pleasure as the dildo slides in and out of me.

“I could do this all day. Every day. For you,” he says, now sinking his teeth into my other nipple.

The Slave’s Affair

Buy for $3.99 here:

Amazon Kindle
All Romance eBooks

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